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Another Day in Paradise 2

2008-11-28 15:55:09 by Chunkkeh

I'm currently working on the script for the second Another Day in Paradise, your almost definitely unfamiliar with the movie so click on my profile and check out my flash submissions to see the last one. I know exactly why my last one got such a low score and that is because in the long term, i suck at animating.

I've been practising the same sort of style but I'm not getting much better, allthough it's probably going not be much better than it was, but that's if someone doesn't volunteer to animate it for me *wink ;)

Offer any support you can offer and leave me with some ideas or something.

The following picture is the sort of drawing i'm going to be doing, so you can tell its going to need alot more work ;)

Another Day in Paradise 2

A day in Paradise

2008-06-27 10:12:24 by Chunkkeh

I am not too sure if this come's up so everyone else can see it, but I will do it anyway for those who want to see me continue with my series I started.

For my first Newgrounds submission, it was pretty good. I am going to wait until Monday to write a script for on Monday I will be going to school, therefore I may have something to bitch about :D

Anyway, with the support I got from msn, in life and the reveiws, I have a serious motive to continue. Until I write a script I am going to design a logo and practise my full body.

Until then, toodles!